Who am i?

Born in Israel on 1981.
Started taking interest in photography since a little kid.
I remember the day my father bought himself a new automatic film camera, and inherited me his old, bulky, heavy, manual, Ricoh SLR camera. To me it was a big day. It's been an expensive item I was never allowed to touch and all of the sudden, I'm the proud owner of.

Photography became a part of my life. Everyday, everywhere I went - I had this ½ a kilo weight with me.
Trips, school, at home, even took it with me when I was drafted to the army.

Today I have newer digital SLR cameras, and most the photos you are about to see on my gallery were taken with them.

My favorite photohraphy subject are people (portraits), nature (landscapes), insects (macro), studio shooting, and techniques like long exposures, infra-red photography and more...

Thank you for your visit, and please, come again!
Yours, Matan.