Hi everyone, welcome to my website!

My name is Matan, and this website is dedicated to my passion of photography.
Photography is my main hobby and this website is a way for me to give you a glimpse to some of my photos I love the most.

This website is best displayed on browsers allowing javascript and active-x. It will run perfectly without it but you may loose some of the surfing-experience and fun.
The gallery is a regular php gallery with no flash, no music and no annoying items jumping around.
I hope you will enjoy your stay, and I welcome you to come back again, to see new photos as the website updates.

At the moment the comment section is off due to previous abuse. I'm working on fixing it or maybe installing a new comment system.

Yours, Matan Narkiss :)

This website was built by me, and I wish to thank some guys for their contributions: Koby Harati and Itamar Hassan for their funny photos of me :)
Kriesi.at for his super awesome cool menus!
Biju Subnash for his camera icon (in the menu)
Rokey.net for his happy smile (in the menu)